• Paulo's 2016 Nissan Maxima gets HID headlights and LED Fog lights!

    Although we still wonder why auto manufacturers are selling new cars with terrible forward lighting systems, we are grateful because it keeps us in business! A perfect example is Paulo's 2016 Nissan Maxima. From the factory it came with H11 halogen bulbs for the low beam headlights, and fog lights. Something unique to the 2015+ Maxima's are the dual bulb fog lights. There are a total of 4 bulbs vs. the traditional 2. We installed our Alpha Series HID Kit in the low beams, and the SolarFlex LED bulbs for the fog lights. This yielded over 7000 lumens of brilliant 6000K pure white light to illuminate anything the night may be hiding. It looks great and matches the factory LED daytime running light strip as well. To top things off, we also installed LED license plate bulbs for a total transformation.

    Nissan Maxima HID Kit LED Fog lights

    Nissan Maxima HID Kit

    Nissan Maxima LED fog lights

    Nissan Maxima HID Kit LED Fog lights

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