Enlight - About Us

The technological world is a vast and endlessly progressing place where innovation changes our lives in ways we often neglect to recognize. Keeping up with the rate of technology advance can surely be a tall order. There is however, one technology that we at Enlight believe to be not only beautiful and fascinating, but perhaps one of the most revolutionary in human existence, light production from electricity. 

For those of us fortunate enough to have the visual ability to read this very text, you would surely be staring at a blank and dark screen if it wasn't for the existence of man-made light sources. We need light, in more ways than many can even imagine. That is why light is everywhere, in every home, on every street, in every iPad, in every vehicle. Because of this, anytime there is a major advance in lighting technology, its really going to be something special. The recent advances in LED and HID technology have taken something special, and made spectacular.

With over FOUR TRILLION light bulb sockets world wide, one might wonder, that probably takes a lot of energy eh? Absolutely, very much so. In fact, it takes an astronomical 3500 Terawatt-Hours to power all the lights worldwide annually. Lets put that into perspective, that is 3,500,000,000,000,000 Watt Hours. That many zeros behind anything tends accompany discussions about...well, astronomy, or the U.S. deficit perhaps. Its numbers like this that lead to things like "energy crisis" and "global warming" etc etc. Things that can have a hugely negative impact on a global scale.

Imagine if there was a technology that could reduce that massive number by up to 80%. Luckily for us, our HID and LED systems can do just that. For example, take the common 3.8W 194 wedge bulb that you'll probably find in the interior of your vehicle or above your rear license plate.

Horrid little thing isn't it. Anyways, on a good day this bulb has a luminous efficacy about 15 lm/W (that is, an mount of light for a given power input). So at 3.8W the bulb puts out 57 lumens. Now, the Enlight 194 LED bulb has a luminous efficacy of over 90 lm/W.


Lets say we tune output of the LED bulb to match that same 57 lumens produced by the standard incandescent bulb. At 57 lumens, the Enlight LED bulb only consumes about 0.63W of power compared to the 3.8W of the incandescent bulb. That is 83% less power! And it will transform your dull and ancient looking interior or exterior, to a modern and futuristic environment. This is the importance, and the technological beauty of the LED. Here at Enlight our focus is quite simple, to bring light into the world.