• Enlight Alpha Series Xenon HID Headlight System

  • $144.00

  • Lets face it, incandescent halogen bulbs are ancient history when it comes to lighting. Incandescent lighting is over 100 years old now. Its inefficient, dim and not very pretty. Why would you want such old and poor lighting technology in your vehicle? You don't! You want to see the road at night, and you want a clean new look for your vehicle. Its time for an UPGRADE. Replace your stock bulbs with an Enlight Alpha Series Xenon HID Kit. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting is not exactly a new technology. It has been around for a decade or so, but the industry has been perfecting it for automotive use. Our MPG lighting systems represent the latest and greatest of today's HID technology. 
    - Approx 300% more lumens (light output) than your stock bulbs
    - Clean 6000K Crystal White Appearance
    - Efficient, Reliable Bulbs and Ballasts
    - Unique Curved Glass Bulb Optics
    - Superior intelligent RAPID START (RS) technology
    - Superior Power Supply Harness
    - Plug and Play installation - no splicing or cutting *
    - 2 YEAR WARRANTY ( No BS, covers bulbs and ballasts)
    ***IMPORTANT *** Although we can't stop you, we prefer you purchase these systems for HEADLIGHT USE ONLY. Most fog lights  are simply too small and not designed to handle the high output of HID fog lights. We will not be responsible if your fog light housing melts into a pool of ooze. Also the relay harness will likely not reach fog light locations. We will NOT warranty these systems when used in fog light applications. We HIGHLY suggest using one of our LED Fog lights in combination with HID headlights. Also you MUST DISABLE DRL function if your car uses one bulb for the headlight and DRL. Most common on 9005 bulb applications.
    If you have ever installed a typical cheap aftermarket HID system, what happens when you first turn on your lights? You see a quick flash, then a dim light that slowly gets brighter and brighter, often flickering, and not offering any usable road lighting until 5 to 10 seconds after they were turned on. This is called start up or warm up time. Its the time it takes for the mercury inside the xenon bulb to heat up and vaporize, stabilizing the arc inside the bulb chamber. Many cheap kits can take up to 30 seconds to fully stabilize, if at all!
    RAPID START technology uses a completely new, robust electronic circuit to dramatically reduce start up time. This gives you more usable road lighting much sooner. If you have ever seen OEM HID systems from BMW or Acura etc... they start up very fast. These systems perform very similar to OEM HID systems! They reach 75% brightness in approximately 2 seconds!
    The answer is simple. QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE COST MORE. But do BEWARE OF COMPANIES SELLING 30$ GARBAGE KITS FOR $100+ !!! There are hundreds of different HID systems on the market, all of varying construction and quality. Having tested and sampled MANY different HID systems, our experience allows us to provide the best quality systems available, and still maintain a competitive price. These kits cost more simply because the components and processes required to produce them are more costly. However, its a small price to pay for the quality, performance, and knowing you won't have to search for another HID system. The iRS kits are some of the best aftermarket kits you can buy, and at a competitive price! Our systems are more affordable than an OEM retrofit, which can cost over $500 and is very difficult to install.
    Once you go HID you'll never go back! 
    * Plug and play on most cars. It is impossible for us to promise perfect function on all vehicles, you may need a CANBUS unit or other components for proper function on your vehicle. Professional Installation is recommended, if you don't know what you'd doing, find somebody who does.