• Enlight Custom Xenon HID Display Box

  • $499.99

  • Do you own or operate a shop that sells lighting products? Looking for an awesome point-of-sale display that gets peoples attention and is interactive? Out HID display box is one of the coolest and most effective additions to your showroom to get customers asking questions and generating interest. 


    "WHOA WHAT IS THAT!!??!"



    This is the most frequent response we receive about our HID display boxes and people don't leave until they fully understand what the deal is with this thing and what its all about. Our HID display box is custom made, designed and built in-house. Featuring:

    - 3 Projector Systems with 3 different light sources

    - 1 55W halogen bulb, a "regular" cheap HID system, and an ENLIGHT Premium HID system

    - 4 Chrome LED push buttons for on/off activation

    - Turn on systems individually, or all at once

    - Plugs into a standard 110V socket

    - Internal LED cooling fan

    - Integrated Power supply


    THESE ARE CUSTOM BUILT AND MADE TO ORDER! LEAD TIME WILL BE 3-5 WEEKS DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU WANT. Contact us directly for more details on options: sales@enlightauto.com



  • Enlight Custom Xenon HID Display Box
  • Enlight Custom Xenon HID Display Box

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