• GMC Yukon SolarFlex LED High Beam Kit

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  • The light emitting diode is such a fantastic piece of technology, but when you need lights which are bright enough for use in automotive forward lighting, heat is always a challenge. Much like your computer, phone or tablet, LED's are based on semiconductor technology and if they get too hot, they will either fail or performance will suffer greatly. The SolarFlex LED kit uses some unique heat management techniques to deliver over 1800 lumens of light per bulb in a package that will easily fit in almost any vehicle. Typically LED bulbs producing this much light require large, bulky aluminum heat sinks which take up space and often are not compatible with many vehicles.

    The Solar Flex LED system copper heat pipe technology to rapidly draw thermal energy away from the Philips Luxeon Z-ES emitters and channel that energy to a unique, flexible copper heat belt. The copper heat belt is electroplated to minimize corrosion. The wire mesh makes it flexible and easy to install in the tightest of spaces while still offering sufficient thermal dissipation. These bulbs will match the factory 9005 bulb light output, but give you a pure white color that will match our HID systems! Also there is no warmup time like HID systems have. These are instant on/off.

    This kit for the 2014+ GMC Yukon includes the following:
    • 2 SolarFlex LED Lamps (9005 bulb type)
    • 2 LED Driver Units
    • Zip ties and adhesive mounting pad

    Quick Specs:

    Color: 6000K White
    Emitter Count: 6 (per bulb)
    Emitter Type: Philips Luxeon Z-ES
    Light Output: Approx 1800lm (per bulb)
    True Power Consumption: 17W
  • GMC Yukon SolarFlex LED High Beam Kit
  • GMC Yukon SolarFlex LED High Beam Kit
  • GMC Yukon SolarFlex LED High Beam Kit
  • GMC Yukon SolarFlex LED High Beam Kit

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