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    The Enlight UberCAN ballast. Our CANBUS solution to the MESSY MESSY automotive HID ballast industry. Got a BMW, Mercedes or other German car that is giving you a "bulb out" error message? Chances are this is what you need. These CANBUS ballasts will fix MOST flickering, or error message problems on cars with computer controlled headlights. We could spend hours talking about the 1000's of cheap, poor quality ballasts on the market these days. We have seen it all. Although many ballasts look very similar on the outside, this is VERY MUCH a case of "whats on the inside counts most" And our UberCAN ballasts are packed full of the finest electrical components for superior performance, safety, and reliability.

    Many other ballasts on the market are basic DC/AC circuits which garbage capacitors, garbage ignition circuits and ZERO overload protection. Our Enlight ballasts are very advanced, properly developed units featuring:

    - Intelligent ASIC Micro Controller which actively monitors several different parameters such as input voltage and current, bulb voltage, etc etc and can make on the fly adjustments to optimize bulb performance. This is type of active feedback technology you'll find on many OEM and Hella ballasts (which cost 3-4 times more) 

    EMI Filter which stands for Electromagnetic Interference Filter. Remember, HID systems produce extremely high voltage during ignition, over 20,000 Volts! This high electrical potential along with other magic going on can send feedback into the cars's electrical system. This can make for all kinds of strange and unfavorable effects. This EMI filter suppresses any unwanted feedback and protects your cars vital electronic components, as wells the ballast itself!

    Superior Safety features. Oh have we seen some crazy things happen in the HID world. Fried ECU's, fried wires, fried bulbs, fried ballasts, fried ignitors, the list goes on. The iRS ballast has a boat load of integrated safety features to protect your investment! These include: short circuit protection, overload protection, under voltage protection, over voltage protection, open circuit protection (high voltage side), reverse polarity protection

    True 35W OUTPUT performance  35W this, 55W that blah blah blah. Its all BS. A 35W ballast is suppose to OUTPUT 35W to the bulbs (high voltage side). Our ballasts do just that. Output power is different than input power. Since there are electrical losses within the ballasts, the input power must be greater than the output power. Our 35W ballasts are over 85% efficient and only consume about 40W INPUT power. We have tested many competitor ballasts that claim to be 55W and have found that they CONSUME (that is input) less than 45W!!! Not only are those ballasts less efficient, but that means the actual power going to the bulb is much less than 45W. This means less light for the road. With our UberCAN ballast, you'll get approximately 3000lm output when paired with out ARC series bulbs.

    For CANBUS function, do not use a relay harness with these ballasts.  They must be powered directly by the vehicle's headlight power socket.


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    Input Voltage Range: 9-32VDC

    Start Current: 5-6 amps

    Steady state Current: ~3.5A (varies depending ASIC feedback system)

    Power Output: 35W


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