• Enlight ARC HID Bulbs - 9007 (bi-xenon)

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    Got a bulb out? Looking to replace your current HID bulbs with a new, whiter color? Don't, worry our ARC series bulbs will get the job done. Their brilliant crystal white 6000k color temperature provides the ideal combination of excellent visibility and aesthetics. Why don't we carry any other colors for automotive use? Two reasons: 1: We hate yellow headlights. 2: We hate blue headlights. Yellowish HID headlights that resemble halogen bulbs don't offer the distinct crisp look of a pure white light. Blue lights are highly illegal, AND they do not offer proper road lighting. The human eye is far less sensitive to blue light than it is to white light. This in both cases, 6000K wins.These are compatible with both our 35W iRS and 50 Watt CANBUS ballasts. As well as many other OEM and aftermarket HID bulbs.


    These bi-xenon bulbs feature a telescoping capsule that moves up and down for low and high beam functions. Thus allowing you to have ultra bright low, and high beam functions!


    WE WILL ONLY WARRANTY THESE BULBS IF USED WITH ENLIGHT BALLASTS! Sorry but if your cheap $40 ebay HID ballasts surge and blow up our bulbs, we are not going to help you. Carry on. =)


    SOLD in PAIRS of 2! Relay harness sold separately!



    Bulb Type: Xeonon HID

    Base Type: 9007

    Light output: >3000 lumens (per bulb using a 35W ballast)

  • Enlight ARC HID Bulbs - 9007 (bi-xenon)
  • Enlight ARC HID Bulbs - 9007 (bi-xenon)

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