• Enlight Anti Flicker (Canbus Decoder) Module

  • $14.99

  • Are your HID headlights:
    - Flickering/blinking?
    - Turning on then shutting off automatically?
    - Not turning on at all?
    - Causing an Error or "bulb out" message inside the car?

    Then chances are you need some of these! Many vehicles these days especially European and Luxury cars have computer controlled headlights. When installing and aftermarket HID system, the computer thinks there is something wrong with the electric circuit and throws and error code, or cuts power to the bulb. These units trick the computer to ensure that your HID system functions properly and prevents damage to the ballasts and the car's electrical system itself. These are commonly needed for BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Chrysler / Dodge vehicles. These Enlight CANBUS modules are high quality robust units and are more reliable and versatile than other common, cheaper options on the market. Featuring a large 10,000 microfarad capacitor, non-polar funciton, and fully potted construction, these units will work on a wide range of applications.
    For use with a relay harness you only need ONE(1) module which plugs into the input of the relay harness
    If you have no relay harness you need TWO(2), one for each HID ballast

    Please do your own research about compatibility with your vehicle or motorcycle. Google can find many answers! These do not work on all cars with computer controlled headlights. Most Porsche vehicles need our CANBUS integrated HID ballasts.


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