• Scion FR-S / BRZ Rear Tail Light LED Turn Signal Bulb Kit

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    Ready to ditch those lame rear turn signals in your Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ?  Well then you have come to the right place! We have plenty of options for you! Select from 4 different bulb sets! each set comes complete with 50W 6Ohm Load resistors to eliminate hyper flash / fast blinking. (these must be installed ONLY on the pulsed blinker circuit. Not the parking light circuit)

    Brightest: Enlight L480 Bulb with Cree XP-G Emitters

    This high power set features genuine Cree emitters, integrated constant current drivers, and glass optical lens housing to ensure a stable and reliable, and bright LED experience. These bulbs use a special type of Cree emitter called the XP-G. Many other competitors sell bulbs with cheaper, lower power XP-E or XP-C emitters. The XP-G has a larger chip size and is much more powerful. With 4 of these XP-G emitters, a single bulb generates over 550 lumens in pure white. Available in 2 great colors, pure white 6000k, amber. Please note amber and red use the smaller, but highly capable Cree XB-D Emitter.

    Brighter: Enlight HP15 Bulb with Samsung 5630 Emitters

    Looking for a lower cost option that still packs a big punch? Look no further, these LED Turn signals feature 15 Samsung 5630 emitters, a CNC machined aluminum heat sink, constant current integral drivers and a lot of light. We are clearing these out (in favor for our newer L550 bulbs so take this opportunity to get a great deal before they are all gone! Available in 5000k white and Amber only.

    Bright: 27SMD LED Bulb with Epistar 5050 Emitters

    On a tight budget but just gotta have that fresh LED look? These LED bulbs feature 27 5050 type 3-chip SMD emitters from Epistar (that means there are 3 x 27 = 71 led chips total). Full 360 degrees of light output, not as bright as the other 2 options but for the price you can't go wrong! Available in Cool White, Amber and Red

    Check out the HP15 in action!: