• T20 / 7440 Single Contact HP 15-LED Bulb

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    Enlight your exterior with these 7440 style bulbs featuring 15 super bright Samsung 5630 emitters. These are VERY bright compared to the normal 5050 style emitters. These are great for turn signals or reverse lights. These are polar so if you plug them in and they don't light up, just flip them around 180 degrees and they will come on. Sold in pairs (2).


    NOTE: Because these are very high power bulbs, they are NOT DESIGNED FOR CONTINUOUS USE. They will get very hot if left on for more than 3-5 minute at a time. Thus these should ONLY be used for turn signals or reverse lights.



    Polar?: YES

    Emitter Type:  Samsung 5630

    Emitter Count: 15

    Approximate Output: 600 lumens

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